Summer Classes for Kids

Summer Classes for Kids

Summer Classes for Kids

Summer 2024

July 15th - August 9th

$40 total for 4-week 1 hr classes

$35 total for 4-week 45 min classes

$30 total for 4-week 30 min classes


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My Grownup & Me 

Recommended Ages 1.5-3 with grownup participation

Level: Beginner

My Grownup & Me is an interactive and engaging class in which parents and caregivers bond with their toddlers through creative movement, song, and dance. Each session is a delightful blend of songs, dances, games, social interactions, and shared experiences. Parents and caregivers actively participate alongside their toddlers, exploring movement with and without props, fostering a strong bond through joyful activities. Through this class, toddlers not only learn to move their bodies but also enhance socialization skills as they interact with others in a supportive environment.

Tiny Tots Dance 

Recommended Ages 3-4*

Level: Beginner

Tiny Tots Dance is a journey of rhythm and movement with a fun and educational dance experience. This class explores the concept of rhythm and encourages creative movement exercises, fostering spatial awareness and motor skills. Colorful props such as scarves and ribbons add excitement, enhancing sensory experiences. Our goal is to foster a love for dance, promote social interaction, and build confidence in our youngest dancers. A short, age-appropriate choreographed dance will also be taught to be performed in our annual end of season recital.

*All dancers must be toilet-trained and able to use the restroom independently.

Mini Dance Sampler (Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop) 

Recommended Ages 5-7

Level: Beginner

Mini Dance Sampler introduces young dancers to the fundamentals of ballet alongside the energetic styles of jazz and hip hop. Children will learn very basic ballet positions and movements in order to build a strong foundation. During jazz focused classes, children explore expressive and rhythmic choreography, fostering creativity and musicality. The hip hop focused classes are an opportunity for dancers to groove to age-appropriate and upbeat music, incorporating dynamic movement. This well-rounded class not only cultivates technical skills but also encourages self-expression, confidence, and a love for diverse dance styles. Children will also learn choreographed jazz and hip hop styled dances with the opportunity to perform in our year-end spring recital.

Little Hip Hop 

Recommended Ages 8-10

Level: Beginner

In Little Hip Hop, young dancers will immerse themselves in the infectious beats and style of hip hop. The class focuses on cultivating rhythm, coordination, and self-expression through age-appropriate choreography and movement. The class is designed to be both fun and challenging, fostering a supportive environment where young dancers can unleash their creativity and passion for hip hop. With an upbeat and supportive atmosphere, our Little Hip Hop class provides the perfect platform for young enthusiasts to unleash their passion for movement and express themselves through dance!

Little Jazz

Recommended Ages 8-10

Level: Beginner

In Little Jazz, young dancers will experience a journey through the expressive and rhythmic world of jazz. This class focuses on introducing foundational jazz techniques, emphasizing body alignment, isolations, and upbeat choreography. Participants will learn to combine precision with individual flair, enhancing their flexibility, coordination, and musicality. Our Little Jazz class is designed to be both educational and fun, providing a supportive environment for young dancers to explore their creativity and develop a love for the art of jazz dance.

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